Introducing the Z Store and Drip!


May 3, 2022

The Z Store is open for business!

Been saving up your cash or credits for something big? This is the place to spend it. From Z League swag to PS5s to ways to make your team stand out on the scoreboard — the Z Store has a bunch of ways to improve your game experience. We’ll be adding stuff all the time, so check in regularly to see what’s new.

Check it out at

Introducing: Drip

The newest addition to Z League is only available in the Z Store. Stack up some drip for a little added cred on the scoreboard. Go pick some up in the store to stand out among the competition.


What is Drip?

  • Flair that is displayed next to your team’s name on all tournament scoreboards
  • Drip is stackable — additional redemptions of drip in the store will increase the number at the center
  • For team-based tournaments, your collective total drip will be displayed
  • Each additional stack of drip is a bit harder to claim than the last — your competitors will know how hard you worked to climb the ranks!