Host Your Own Apex Legends Tournament


Thanks for your interest in redeeming “Host Your Own Apex Legends Tournament” through the Z Store! This page will help explain what’s involved and what you can expect.

What is a “Host Your Own Tournament”?

  • We’ll list a tournament card with your handle and socials in our tournament listings for you to share with your community + allow others to discover your content
  • We can include your Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube links
  • The tournament will operate just like any other Z League tournament — we’ll handle the operations and fund the payouts

What happens after I redeem in the store?

  • After redeeming the prize in the store you’ll receive an automated receipt email
  • There will be a link in the email to a form where we will collect your social account details and your preferred times for the tournament
  • Our team will reach out directly after your form submission to confirm timing
  • We’ll do our best to accommodate your preferences!
  • Please plan that it we may need to schedule a week or two in advance. This will give you some time to publicize the tournament with your community!